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luahan hati aku campak sini .korang baca okayy .aku tahuu pengkid tuuh dosa .akuu ponn tahuu yang kau niee minta penerangan akuu .dann kau perlu tahuu .yangg aku daa tahu semua tuuh .ta payah nak ajar aku bagai nakk beria bajet kau tuuh ustazah pilihann masyeh :)

Jumat, 13 September 2013

i'm sorry.
i didn't mean to hurt you with my words.
i know my words are quite harsh.
it's not that i don't trust your love.
here i'll explain myself.

Honestly,my heart has been as cold as ice after the last sank 'ship.
it had been drowned for quite some time.
being in relationships without any strings attached has been my way of keeping my heart from drowning again,and again.

but knowing you,things has been different.
i can feel your love.
you've loved me too much.
i admit that i love you too.
LOVE in terms of SAYANG.
no one really knows what's in my iced-cold-heart.
not even the great superRYAN

In order for me to bear those responsibilies,
i need to ask you a favor.
not much i'm asking.
do something that can really grab and melt down my 'iced-cold-heart'.
so that, my 'already-melted-heart' can totally attached to yours.
sealed and hopefully unbreakable. 

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